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The story in the making, we are on a mission that is on the path of our vision. Know about us, the company you don’t want to miss working with.

about us

About the company

Taris Technologies, formerly known as AR Digital was founded in the early 2020. Our founder Aaryan Rai, started with vision to redefine the industrial ecosystem through tech-enabled businesses. In the first year of inception, we gave free consultations to more than 50 local and rural enterprises. Taris Technologies is the first step towards a better work economy, we are continuously solving complex industry problems to streamline the business operations through technology. For a record, we are now a global technology company serving in 4 countries within  2 years of inception. This is just another step to reach a global state of solving problems and being the most trusted technology partner a business can have. Explore our services and pick what suits you best.

Awadhesh Bhatt

Managing Director, India

Awadhesh Gazi Bhatt, Director of Taris Technologies is a a visionary with an experience of 37 years. After completing his impeccable service to the Government of India under BSNL, he has now joined Taris Technologies to put on his experience to create a bigger impact on the living world. We are honoured to have him onboard and under his guidance and mentorship, we will excel in our mission.

Rick Martin

Chief Advisor, USA

Rick Martin is appointed as the chief advisor for Taris Technologies, he is the Ex Vice-President of IBM after a long and strong leadership of 36 years. Rick has a rich experience in the enterprise software space. With such a long experience he brings expertise in Enterprise software, international implications, Infrastructural IT and much more. Under his mentorship we are operating in the U.S and expanding our solutions to the globe.

Founder & CEO

“Hey, I am Aaryan Rai. I founded this company with a strong vision to help businesses generate great results from technology enablement. Creating an impact on this economy has always been my first priority. We here at Taris Technologies support sustainable growth through next generation technologies, we will not stop until this world grows sustainably through industries by developing technology for the good. Started at the age of 14, I have made a high impact team to share the vision I have. I pledge that I won’t stop until we become the backbone for the tech-enabled sustainable economy.”

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